Saturday, December 29, 2007


A lovely picture by E of Ursula the sea witch and Ariel the mermaid.
For better or for worse, I let the girls check out The Little Mermaid from the library a while back. I thought it was too scary for them, but then they saw the scariest part at the doctor's office (curse that office staff) and seemed to be fine, so I figured most of the damage had been done. Except, of course, the virulent Disney-i-zation of their little minds. There's been a lot (A LOT!) of mermaid play ever since. And mermaid art. So here's a sampling of mermaid, mermaid-inspired, and even some non-mermaid art.

Note that you can click on each picture for a closeup so you can study all the nuances of each drawing.

Exhibit one:

A horse saying "neigh" by E. Note that the horse is wearing mermaid gear, i.e., "shells."

Exhibit 2: a lame attempt at a mermaid by Daddy. He was roundly criticized by the girls and told he would have to study some mermaid movies and books to get it right. They even re-colored the mermaid's hair red. Duh, Daddy.

Exhibit 3: a sea witch, by M. My favorite part is the imagination she has drawn. Imagination is indicated by the bubbles on top of her head and the bubble next to her with a baby sea witch in it. Note that the sea witch also wears shells.
Exhibit 4: a mermaid (perhaps Melody) by E. She's climbing a big rock.

Exhibit 5: our family, by M. We LOVE this one. We are all standing in front of the house. The little protuberance on the top is the roof.
Exhibit 6: by E. Even though this says "Ursula" it is really Ariel. Note the shell next to her that hold's the mermaid's voice.
Exhibit 6b: by E
Exhibit 7: by M. Again note the imagination. This time the mermaid is imagining the little fish, Flounder.

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