Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's open! Oh at last! It's open! Let's go!

"Where to?" you might well ask. Let's go to . . .

Yep, the girls have been at it again. We had two opening celebrations this week (complete with refreshments) for the two newly opened Dinosaur Museums, one in each non-parental bedroom (we have a fairly fluid assignment of sleeping spaces, so no one really has an assigned room). When they found out I had purchased 5000 sheets of paper at Costco, they lost no time in trying to burn through the supply.

Which bring us to this: the Wooly Mammoth Wall (these are known as "mompers" [monsters] by this little guy)
Here's a sample of the artwork:

Everything's carefully labeled in case you aren't sure what's what:
(Those little triangular things are the plates of a stegasaurus)

We have a few (ahem) non-traditional dinosaurs:

Another wall:

I'd call this the main gallery:
One of my personal favorites, the singing dinosaurs:

The toothpicks are prizes awarded for excellence in drawing. (Note the fish-catching going on, and the little waves splashing up.)

A colorful fellow:

Momper of the Deep:

Wet Momper:

Flying Momper:

T-Rex and child:

And of course no museum is complete without a museum shop. This one sells bracelets fashioned out of pipe cleaners in various sizes:

Pennies go here:

Come visit soon!


MBC said...

Woowhee! I hope the museum is still open when I get there! I want to see some singing dinosaurs.

JAMES said...

I'll be there in a few weeks!!!!!

JAMES said...

Also, I love mompers.

SCS said...

I'm sure you'll both get a private guided tour.