Thursday, February 10, 2011

In Which We Improve Our Lot in Life

OK, let's be honest. We live in squalor. At least a quarter of us are unclad at any given time (in case you are unduly worried, let me assure you this is the exclusive territory of the under-five-feet-tall faction). Food is hiding here and there about our house--old, dried out food. Our kitchen utensils are used to dig holes in the back yard and carry the dirt about. And our furniture can best be described as Early-to-Late Thrift Store.

I bring to wit one dining table, made of metal, plastic, and plasticky faux wood stuff:

Pay no attention to that large spot of something on the kitchen floor.

Plastic meets metal:
The chairs are even worse. Let's not talk about their comfort defects but just focus on the aesthetic flaws for the moment. The color. The faux-wood-plastic-backs. The bendy metal frames.
And since they are, I imagine, circa 1952, their mustard-yellow-and-yucky-green-seats are coming apart. Not to mention that there are only four of them (we're now down to three since one was destroyed by the natives a year or so ago) and six of us.
Let's just revisit the table and picture it with the yellow chairs.

Before you get too excited, let me assure you that this one is also MDF covered with a faux-wood veneer, but it's at least a more lifelike veneer. And the chairs (all except one) are in good repair. And it's probably more like vintage 1970s instead of 1950s. So we're moving up in the world.

This "new" one is also a little beaten up--but people like us would be foolhardy to purchase anything new.
Enter in the new era of civilized living.


CSIowa said...

Everyone should have a table and chairs younger than themselves. I just made that up, but it sounds good. Unless, maybe, you live at Downton Abbey. Enjoy having room for everyone!

HAH said...

looks beautiful!

Johanna said...

Nice! I love new-to-me furniture. We bought our family room furniture off craigslist so that when me kids ask "can we make a fort with the pillows?" or "can we jump from couch to couch without touching the floor?" I can say "YES"! Such freedom! (though mine are getting older and so not quite as destructive). I'm coming out to Utah next week and would like to come see you guys. Arriving pm of Wednesday in Pleasant Grove and will be there until the weekend. I will give you a call!