Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hilarious or disturbing . . . you decide

Here's the backstory:

E always likes to get presents for people for their birthdays, bless her heart. So when the kids found this horse at a yard sale, she knew it was just the thing for M's birthday. The people selling were happy to get rid of the Cinderella coach (which Tooie picked out for himself), as well as I think three other horses, for the low low price of $1. Birthday happiness was assured.

But we had no idea just how happy this particular horse was going to make us. The kids finally prevailed upon me to put batteries in it, and everyone commenced screaming "IT WALKS!" It was only a matter of time before the idea of harnessing the Cinderella coach to the horse and perching a naked and bald Barbie doll on its back made its way into the little marmoty heads we have around here.

p.s. please don't judge me for how my kitchen floor looks. If truth be told, it usually looks a lot worse.


Johanna said...

Your kids make me laugh! Wish I lived close so you could give me lessons in the fine art of garage-sale-shopping. I just don't seem to have the knack!

MBC said...

I vote for creepy. That doll is wrong.

SCS said...


I wish YOU lived close to teach me home decorating and improvement, organization, and being patient with your kids. Heck, I just wish you lived close, period.

MBC, dear sister, I have bad dreams about that doll.

Johanna said...

I've got you fooled, then. I'm so NOT patient with my kids. I sent Andrew to Utah in May for a week alone just to get a break from him. It was the best week I've had in 5 years (sad to say). At least I can say that I'm trying hard and for a person who isn't really a kid-person I can feel pretty good about that most days.