Saturday, November 10, 2007

Night life

We like to play a game at our house called "musical beds." Here's how it went on Thursday night:

Marmot Dad had to go to a concert in the evening, so the kids and Mom piled into the king-sized bed to read books and go to sleep. M was eventually banished to her own bed for squirming, whining, wallowing, giggling, and general bad behavior. The three remaining fell asleep in the "mommy sandwich" configuration (Mom in the middle with one child on each side squooshing me). 

After Dad got home we moved E to her own bed and fell asleep again (briefly). M soon woke up and announced, "I want to snuggle your arm!" So Mom went in to join her in her bed. Shortly after that E woke up with a bad dream, and Dad went in to comfort her. He may have slept in her bed for a while, I'm not sure, but she eventually ended up in the big bed with Dad and Tooie. Then Tooie woke up and started whispering "pihs, pihs" which means "please" which means "I want to nurse." So I went back to the big bed to feed him. He decided after his 3 a.m. snack that he wanted to sing, so he sang until 4:30, a sweet song, but entirely unnecessary at that time of day.

Then I think there was snoring from someone who will remain unnamed, so I went back to M's bed. At 5:30 I was rudely awakened by Marmot Dad carrying in little Tu who was once again saying "pihs, pihs." Fortunately, everyone slept until about 7:30. But that's a lot of travelling around for one night. No one ended up in the bed that he or she started in. This is our life

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marmotgma said...

Oh, how I do remember. Except, Daddy always stayed in his bed, sometimes a little crowded, but I roamed. Mom